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Weihai Runze Food Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise established on March 23, 2012, registered in Weihai City, Shandong Province.
The company is mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of cold fresh beef and mutton, and chicken and duck products. The company cooperates with major hotels, catering companies and large supermarkets all the year round, and has nearly 30 self-operated cattle and mutton counters in large supermarket chains.
The company has its own independent meat import and export filing qualifications, and is engaged in the import and export of beef and mutton in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile all year round. It has its own beef and mutton processing factory in Chile. . ...More>>

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Weihai Runze Food Co., Ltd.
Add:No.59-1, Qingdao Middle Road, Weihai, China